Newhouse bill would force VA to fix mismanagement issues for veterans health care system

A bill introduced by Rep. Dan Newhouse and Derek Kilmer would force the Veterans Health Administration to move forward with fixes to its mismanagement issues.

Their bill, The VA Management Alignment Act of 2016, would direct of head of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to issue a report to Congress outlining steps needed to reorganize and improve veterans’ access to care.

“Veterans deserve accountability and improved care after facing mismanagement at the VA,” Newhouse said. “I am glad to work with my colleague Rep. Kilmer on this legislation that will require the VA to respond with a framework to address problems on behalf of the men and women who served in uniform.”

The bill calls for the VA to deliver their report to the Committees on Veterans’ Affairs of the Senate and House of Representatives within 180 days of the act being passed. It would also recommend any legislative changes needed to create more accountability and ensure management problems don’t prevent veterans from receiving care.

The legislation follows the release of the first in a series of studies where the Government Accountability Office found, following reports of manipulated wait times and management failures, the VA did not fix problems recommendations from Congress and VA officials.

By:  Joe Utter
Source: iFiberOne