Women and minorities shatter records as thousands take AP computer science exam

Diversity is not one of the tech industry’s strongest suits, but Seattle-based Code.org sees hints this could change in coming years: In 2017, a record number of women and underrepresented minorities took the Advanced Placement computer science exams. The College Board, which runs the nationwide AP exam program, reported that the number of women taking computer science tests rose by 135 percent in just one year, while participation by underrepresented minorities was 170 percent higher… Last week, U.S. Rep. Derek Kilmer, D-Wash. spoke to women and other young professionals on Capitol Hill about the very same AP computer science tests. While Code.org focuses on younger children, Kilmer said Congress needs to step up and provide opportunities for students who study computer science and related fields in college

By:  Chelsey Ballarte
Source: Geek Wire