Kilmer Applauds FEC for Opening Rulemaking for Online Political Ad Disclosure

WASHINGTON, DC – Representative Derek Kilmer applauded the commissioners of the Federal Election Commission for voting unanimously to start a process that could lead to changing the disclosure rules that govern online political advertising. The step comes as lawmakers consider measures like the Honest Ads Act, which would expose who buys online political ads. The bill casts a light on the murky world of political advertising in an attempt to check the influence Russia, other foreign powers and special interests exercise in the American political process.

“They say that sunlight is the best disinfectant.  It is good news that the Federal Election Commission is taking a step closer towards casting light on who is buying online election ads,” Rep. Derek Kilmer said, “I hope this leads to the rule changes outlined in the Honest Ads Act so the public knows who’s buying the political ads they see online.”

Representative Kilmer is the original sponsor of the Honest Ads Act which would require the FEC to create disclosure rules for technology companies so the public knows who pays for election ads online. The bill, along with a similar measure in the United States Senate, has drawn bipartisan support.

Last week, according to good government group Common Cause, more than 150,000 Americans petitioned the FEC to start the process for changing the rules. Rep. Kilmer joined the group as they delivered petitions from their members.