Kilmer Statement on Health Insurance News for Washington state

Washington, D.C. – Today, Representative Derek Kilmer (D-WA) released the following statement after Premera announced they will file plans for Washington state’s 2018 individual health insurance market in Grays Harbor County. It was also reported that for the 2018 individual and family health insurance market the average proposed rate increase will be 22.3 percent.   

“Folks in Washington state deserve a government that is fighting for them to have access to affordable healthcare, not one that is playing politics with insurance markets,” said Kilmer. “Today folks in our region heard that coverage will still be offered in Grays Harbor County next year, which matters for those who were worried that they would lose access to care. Unfortunately, Washingtonians also discovered that rates are going to jump double digits on many health plans. This is unacceptable for someone wondering whether to pay for groceries or medication they need. Or the parents worried about whether they can simply continue taking their child to the doctor. I wasn’t in Congress when the Affordable Care Act passed but I am committed to fixing our healthcare system so affordable, quality coverage can be in reach of people in our region and our state.”