December 08, 2022

Kilmer Celebrates Passage of the Respect for Marriage Act

Washington, D.C. – Today, U.S. Representative Derek Kilmer (WA-06) supported the passage of the Respect for Marriage Act, legislation to repeal the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act, enshrine marriage equality into federal law, and provide additional protections at the state level.


“The federal government has a responsibility to protect people’s freedoms – that includes protecting marriages under federal law,” said Rep. Kilmer. “Earlier this year, the Dobbs decision not only threatened reproductive freedom, but also the freedom of loving same-sex and interracial couples to get married. That’s why today’s vote is so important – it repeals the so-called Defense of Marriage Act, enshrines marriage equality in federal law, and ensures that if someone has a legal marriage in one state, that marriage will be recognized in another state. These are important policies if we want to stand up for freedom and equality, and I’m proud to have finally sent this bill to the president’s desk to be signed into law.”


The Respect for Marriage Act includes several provisions to protect marriage equality:


  • Repeals the Defense of Marriage Act – While the Supreme Court has effectively voided the Defense of Marriage Act, the Respect for Marriage Act would repeal this discriminatory law.
  • Enshrines marriage equality in federal law by requiring the federal government to fully recognize any marriage considered valid in the state where it was performed – providing same-sex and interracial couples certainty that they will receive equal treatment under federal law.
  • Provides additional protections at the state level by prohibiting state officials from denying recognition to an out-of-state marriage based on sex, race, ethnicity, or national origin.