My Vote on H.J.Res. 123

Yesterday, the House voted on a “continuing resolution” which is a short-term spending plan that temporarily funds the government for the next two weeks, until December 22nd, 2017.

Although I was deeply concerned about the potential for a government shutdown, I opposed this measure because I feel strongly that Congress should pass a bipartisan, long-term spending plan. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any progress made towards this goal since we passed the last continuing resolution back in September.  I don’t know what another two weeks gets us. The Federal Government is the largest employer in my district, so folks in our region deserve the certainty of a long-term spending plan so they don’t have to worry about where their next paycheck is coming from.

I hope that the House and Senate leadership use the next two weeks to put together a long-term plan that provides certainty to our federal agencies and prevents a government shutdown, or at least make the path forward clear to me. I am willing to work with Republicans and Democrats to get this done.

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