My Vote on H.R. 2266, Additional Supplemental Appropriations for Disaster Relief Requirements Act, 2017

Just as folks started to assess the damage to their homes in Texas and Florida after hurricanes, natural disasters hit other American communities. Hurricane Maria decimated the entire island of Puerto Rico. Ninety percent of folks there still don’t have power. The worst wildfire in California history continues to burn through Northern California with hundreds still missing. The government of the United States should stand behind those who lost everything.

It’s why I voted with a majority of my colleagues this week to provide additional disaster assistance to those in need. It will provide direct investments to firefighters still responding to the blazes in California. Plus, it will ensure the FEMA Disaster Relief Fund (which helps provide things like shelter, food, and clothing) doesn’t run out of money. It also shores up the national flood insurance program, which badly needed investments. Without it, homeowners and businesses in places like Hoquiam could see the insurance rates they pay on their properties skyrocket.

I’m glad we are continuing to help those who lost everything and provide relief to other areas. The bill now has to be passed by the Senate before going to the President.