Making Progress on Cutting Costs

Hello Folks - In this job, it's important for me to hear from as many constituents as possible across our region about the issues that matter to them. That's why I was excited to host a town hall at Tacoma Community College recently to take questions from folks across our region about all sorts of issues - from lowering the costs of health care, to holding oil companies accountable for price gouging at the pump and creating an energy-independent future, to having the backs of our veterans. I al… Continue Reading


Details on This Week's Telephone Town Hall, New Legislation to Support Small Business, and My Work to Fix Congress

Hello Folks - Just when you think spring has finally sprung - hail and snow hit the region (hopefully that's the last time we'll see winter for a while)! Despite the rugged April, I'm excited that the Mariners finally held their home opener and got the baseball season underway here in the Pacific Northwest. I want to remind folks that on Wednesday at 6:00 pm PT, I'll be hosting a telephone town hall. In this job, it's important for me to hear from as many constituents as possible across our re… Continue Reading


Updates on Lowering the Costs of Insulin, Making Government Work Better, and Delivering New Federal Investments for Our Region

Hello Folks - I hope this finds you well. It's been a busy few weeks - so let's dive right in! Lowering the Costs of Insulin In the greatest country on the planet, you shouldn't go broke if you or a loved one needs medication. Unfortunately, prescription drug costs in our nation are simply unacceptable. For my family and for so many families, these issues regarding the accessibility and affordability of prescription drugs are not theoretical policy conversations. They are real, and they are … Continue Reading


Big News on New Federal Investments in Our Region

Hello Folks - I hope this finds you well. It's been a busy few weeks - so let's dive right in. As a member of the House Appropriations Committee, I have the opportunity to play a meaningful role in helping decide what investments our government makes. It's an opportunity to support investments for our region that will create jobs and economic opportunity, help underserved populations, fulfill unmet federal obligations, and support the communities I serve. This year, I've been able to make prog… Continue Reading


An Update on Ukraine – and Working to Bring People Together

Hello Folks - I hope you have been staying well. It's been a busy few weeks - so let's dive right in! As you know, since the last newsletter, Russia took the unprovoked and aggressive action of invading Ukraine. The invasion is not only illegal - but a reckless breach of global peace and stability. It has long been an American value that we respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our allies. Our nation has supported the notion that countries should be able to choose their own dest… Continue Reading


Growing Jobs in America – and in Our Region

Hello, Folks - It's been a busy few weeks in DC - so let's dig right in! Strengthening America's Competitiveness and Creating Jobs As many readers of this newsletter know, before running for Congress, I worked for over ten years professionally in economic development, working to keep and grow jobs in our region. When I worked in that role, I had a sign on my wall that said: "We're competing with everyone, everywhere, every day, forever." I admit that I often found that sign a bit intimidating… Continue Reading


Updates on New Investments in America’s Infrastructure & Making Progress for Our Veterans

Hello, Folks - I hope this finds you and yours doing well. Last week marked the one-year anniversary of President Biden's inauguration - and it's been a busy year. As we think about all that has happened in 2021 - I think it's worth remembering how far our country has come. Just one year ago, the headlines were rather dire. As 2021 opened, there were articles about food banks facing record demand and about the American people facing record housing instability. Far too many of our local employe… Continue Reading


Here’s How the Infrastructure Law Will Help in Our Neck of the Woods

Hello Folks - I hope this finds you and yours safe and healthy. Last week, our nation marked a dark anniversary - the attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. As someone on Capitol Hill while the events of that day transpired, the attempt to overturn our democracy was a searing moment for me personally. Seeing the Confederate flag paraded through the Capitol and seeing law enforcement officers beaten mercilessly are images that are hard to get past. I hope that every American took time r… Continue Reading


A Year in Review

Hello Folks - I hope this finds you safe and enjoying a wonderful holiday season with loved ones. Over the holiday weekend, I got to spend some quality time with my kiddos, got to re-watch It's a Wonderful Life (and Die Hard), got to eat far too many Christmas cookies (and way too much pie), and even got some great gifts (including a new Star Wars t-shirt... Santa really knows me!). This morning, I shoveled my driveway and I can report firsthand - It's cold out there! So, make sure to check o… Continue Reading


Updates on Protecting Our Democracy, Fixing Congress, and Supporting Our Troops

Hello, Folks -My Christmas tree is up and decorated (with a special section for Star Wars ornaments). Our house is all lit up like the Griswold home in Christmas Vacation. Cookies have been baked, and I even have some eggnog in my fridge! It's official - the holiday season is upon us!Having said that, it's been a busy few weeks in DC. Congress has been making progress on issues that matter to our region. So, let's dive right in!Protecting Our DemocracyLast week, President Biden hosted a Democrac… Continue Reading


Investing in Middle Class Families to Build Back Better

Hello Folks - I hope this finds you well and having had your fill of turkey, football, and... rain. It was terrific for me to get to spend some time with my family over the Thanksgiving weekend. We ate a lot, played a few board games, watched a couple movies, and counted our blessings. My wife and kiddos (and the roof over our heads) are among the many things for which I'm thankful. But that's not all. I'm thankful for the opportunity to represent you. As most of you know, I was born and raise… Continue Reading


A Huge Win for Jobs

Hello Folks - Well, it's official: for better or for worse, rainy season is back. These past few weeks have been a reminder of the old saying that here in Washington we don't tan - we rust. I hope folks have been able to stay dry but most importantly, safe, during the recent wave of storms across the region. Back in DC, there have been some big developments when it comes to creating jobs and addressing significant infrastructure needs in our region, so let's get into the details! Rebuildin… Continue Reading


Building Back Better & Honoring Our Veterans

Hello Folks - I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Halloween! At the Kilmer household, we kept with some familiar traditions and welcomed trick-or-treaters with a few classic Star Wars themed pumpkins! After much deliberation, I've decided that my favorite Halloween candy is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (though I'll take a Twix or a Kit Kat any day of the week). It's been a busy few weeks in DC - so let's dive right in! Building Back Better Last week, President Biden announced the Build… Continue Reading


An Update on the Work to Highlight Our Region's Priorities - and to Make Health Care and Child Care More Affordable

Hello, Folks - Let me start this week with some promising news! As of last week, over 77% of all Washingtonians 12 and older have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, and over 71% of Washingtonians are fully vaccinated. That's great news as we look to get this virus under control (if you haven't been vaccinated, you can visit the Washington Department of Health's Vaccine Locator or call 833-VAX-HELP to make your appointment today). Importantly, those higher vaccination rates have l… Continue Reading


An Update on the Progress Being Made to Build Back Better

Hello Folks - Like many folks, I was glued to the television on Sunday afternoon hoping our Mariners could make it to the playoffs. Unfortunately, they came up just short - but not before Dave Sims sparked a whole lot of joy in our region on Saturday afternoon with a classic "hey now" call as they made the final push! Hopefully, next year, we can get some October baseball here in our region! It's been a busy few weeks in DC - so let's dive right in. Working to Help America Build Back Better … Continue Reading


Go Time in DC – and a ‘Day in the Life’ During the District Work Period

Hello Folks - As I write this, I'm heading back to Washington, D.C., where there is a LOT of work to do over the next few weeks. But it's an exciting moment - since we're poised to make some real progress for our nation and for working families. That includes work to advance the President's Build Back Better Agenda -which will provide one of the biggest middle class tax cuts in history. In fact, 15 winners of the Nobel Prize in economics wrote in an open letter this week that Biden's agenda wi… Continue Reading


Celebrating Hard Working Americans & Serving You

Hello, Folks - In my family - and in many others - today is a big day... the first day of school! My kids were excited (and admittedly a bit anxious) about getting back to school today. And they were a bit bummed about the end of summer vacation. As for me - I had a very active "August District Work Period" (you'll notice I didn't call it "August Recess"). If you've followed me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you'll notice that I didn't treat the time Congress wasn't in session as vacation… Continue Reading


An Update on Afghanistan & A Historic Visit from the Interior Secretary

Hello, Folks - As I write this, I'm heading back to DC as the House prepares to make progress on some big-ticket items. First, the House will move to pass the John R. Lewis Voting Right Advancement Act, also known as HR4. This important legislation, which honors my former colleague, the civil rights icon John Lewis, will safeguard voting rights by putting the teeth back into the Voting Rights Act and ensuring equal access to the ballot box for EVERY American citizen. As we see efforts across th… Continue Reading


A trip to the Oval Office … and some more wins in Appropriation

Hello, Folks -Before getting to the news from Congress, let me acknowledge two big challenges we are grappling with in our Washington this summer. First, we've seen wildfires impacting far too many families in our state. You can track information regarding wildfires through the State Department of Natural Resources site. In addition, it is expected that we will see compromised air quality this week. Folks can check the air quality forecast here. And second, the Washington State Department of Hea… Continue Reading


An Important Proposal to Help Recover Our Economy

Hello, Folks -I hope everyone enjoyed the glorious weekend we just had! I saw a whole lot of our neck of the woods over the last three days. Over the last three days, I had meetings in Port Orchard, Olalla, Manchester, Tacoma, Neah Bay, Port Angeles, Sequim, and Gig Harbor. By the end of the weekend, I was singing the Johnny Cash song, "I've Been Everywhere."As I write this, I'm headed back to DC for a big week. Read on for details!Reinvesting in Our CommunitiesAs mentioned in my last newsletter… Continue Reading

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