Morning Cybersecurity

A group of moderate House Democrats today will release a paper making cybersecurity policy recommendations, and MC got a sneak peek. The New Democrat Coalition paper suggests more quickly declassifying threat data and directing the National Guard to establish Cyber Civil Support teams to respond to major state and local cyber incidents. It also recommends creating a national service program to forgive federal student loan debts for science and tech students who work for the federal government on cybersecurity, establishing a loan guarantee program for small businesses to buy cybersecurity tech and building a government-business partnership to distribute cyber hygiene public service announcements. Overall, the paper focuses on information sharing, critical infrastructure, technology development, the cyber workforce and protecting internet-connected devices.

“Vulnerabilities and attacks will always exist, so aptly responding to and planning for the future are key. That means identifying the right way to detect, isolate, resolve and ultimately minimize the effect of an attack,” the report — produced by cybersecurity task force co-chairs Derek Kilmer, Kathleen Rice and Josh Gottheimer — states. It also means discouraging the wrong way. “Heavy-handed regulation can hinder innovation and new start-ups from entering the market,” it states. “Congress, the executive branch, and industry must constructively work together to foster a more secure and effective cyber environment that allows continued commercial, civil, and social interactions and innovations on which American society depends.”

By:  Tim Starks
Source: Politico