Letter to the Editor: Kudos To Kilmer For Facebook Town Hall

To the editor:

Clever idea for a town hall on Facebook, perhaps a younger generation will join in the process of democracy this way (“Congressman Kilmer hosts town hall on Facebook” in the Bainbridge Island Review, Feb. 4).

This is a great opportunity with the budget process for the coming year beginning with the president’s budget about to be announced. Constituents can ask their representatives for funding to end America’s housing crisis, supporting ideas like a renters’ tax credit, along with scaling up other answers to homelessness that are currently working. At the same time, reminding those who represent us to continue the critical funding for global health initiatives like Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria. These two initiatives build local health care systems at the same time they save millions of lives and protect us locally from global diseases.

So thanks, Rep. Kilmer for listening in new ways that attract young voters to be a part of our democracy.

And young voters, remember to weigh in on what is important to you, and to vote!

Source: Bainbridge Island Review