Moderate Democrats Petition for Vote on Proxy Voting

Moderate Democrats petitioned House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her top lieutenants to implement remote voting procedures, with or without Republican support, by the time Congress returns in early May.

Rep. Derek Kilmer, chair of the New Democrat Coalition, endorsed the plan to vote by proxy and hold virtual committee hearings. He argued that if organizations and workers across the country have adapted to working from home, so should Congress.

“While we hope a bipartisan agreement with Republican Leadership that results in temporary remote capabilities on the floor and in committees can be reached in the coming days, if House Republican leadership does not engage on this matter in a constructive way, we must move forward,” Mr. Kilmer, Washington Democrat wrote in a letter to leadership.

 “Therefore, we urge you to commit to bringing a resolution that allows for remote voting and virtual committee proceedings to the floor no later than the week of May 4.”

The House, like the Senate, is not set to return in a full session to Washington, D.C. until May 4th because of the pandemic.

He warned that the current system makes legislation potentially “hamstrung by relying on unanimous consent agreements.”

House members had to scramble to return to Washington to vote on the $2.2 trillion coronavirus package, which passed in March, after one member challenged a voice vote.

By:  Gabriella Munoz
Source: The Washington Times