U.S. House Advances Millions in Federal Funding for Grays Harbor Infrastructure Project

Legislation that cleared the U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday includes millions of dollars in funding for Aberdeen and Hoquiam flood control projects, Heron Street Bridge rehabilitation and the East Aberdeen rail separation project.

The INVEST in America Act aims to make transformational investments in highways, roads, bridges, transit, rail, and water infrastructure, and seeks to create good-paying jobs, modernize the nation’s infrastructure, and reduce carbon pollution, according to a statement from Congressman Derek Kilmer, who made these Grays Harbor County projects a priority in America Act negotiations.

The House Appropriations Committee this week advanced a $9.95 million funding proposal for the North Shore Levee project, a flood prevention barrier that would remove thousands of homes from the mandatory federal flood insurance list.

“Both the INVEST in America Act and the House Appropriations Committee included initiatives that will help Grays Harbor County rebuild essential infrastructure, reduce congestion, and revitalize local economies,” said Kilmer. “The cost of these efforts shouldn’t fall on the backs of taxpayers in Grays Harbor. The federal government ought to help.”

Aberdeen Mayor Pete Schave said, “We want to thank Congressman Kilmer for being the federal champion for flood control in Grays Harbor. These flood measures will ensure the people, businesses, and environment in our region will be protected from potential flood hazards and destruction.”

“Add these federal resources to the already-secured funding we’ve received from our State Legislature, and we are very close to beginning construction on these needed projects,” said Hoquiam Mayor Ben Winkelman. “It seems the careful planning and preparation for this project will soon have a dramatic impact on our area as construction begins. We are all grateful and excited to get the news and get to work.”

“The Port of Grays Harbor is extremely pleased to see these local, critical infrastructure projects receive this robust level of funding and we thank Congressman Kilmer for his understanding of our community’s needs and hard work in helping to secure these funds,” said Port of Grays Harbor Commission President Stan Pinnick.

“These important projects will benefit our community for years to come as we continue to work to bring jobs, private investment and opportunity to Grays Harbor.”

The INVEST in America Act includes $2.2 million for Heron Street Bridge rehabilitation, and $2.08 million for the East Aberdeen rail separation project.

Source: The Daily World