Bipartisan Working Group Announces Kilmer will serve as New Co-Chair

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, the Bipartisan Working Group announced that Representative Derek Kilmer (D-WA) will serve as a new co-chairman of the organization along with current Co-Chair Jim Renacci (R-OH). The Bipartisan Working Group was founded in 2011 and includes an even number of Democrat and Republican members. They meet once a week to discuss legislation and how they can work together on issues to make Congress more effective for the American people.

“I’m honored to serve as co-chair with Representative Renacci,” said Kilmer. “Democrats and Republicans aren’t always going to agree, but now more than ever we need to give folks the opportunity to engage in a respectful and productive dialogue. I’m proud to be part of a group that brings people together to talk about the big issues impacting Americans. I look forward to helping push Congress to get back on track by following our approach.”

“I founded the Bipartisan Working Group because our problems cannot be solved by one person and not even by one party,” said Renacci. “They are not Democratic or Republicans problems – they are American problems. It is imperative that we work together. I look forward to continue working with Congressman Kilmer in the 115th Congress. He has been a valued member of the Bipartisan Working Group, and I am honored to continue working with him as the group’s new Democratic Co-Chair.”

The Bipartisan Working Group typically meets every week that Congress is in session. New members for the group are selected by the co-chairmen, who choose from their side of the aisle. Those who join must be able to attend at least 75 percent of the morning discussions.