Kilmer Statement on Congress’s Decision to Kick the Can on Long-term Spending Plan

I am disappointed that rather than using these last few weeks to do their jobs and produce a long-term, bipartisan spending plan, the majority of Congress has decided to once again kick the can down the road. I remain committed to working with the members of both parties to pass a long-term, bipartisan spending plan.

Congress has punted from September to early-December, then to mid-December and now to January. No household would run their family finances three weeks at a time. No business would either.  These manufactured crises are certainly no way to run the government either.  That’s why I supported measures like No Budget No Pay, which would mean Congress wouldn’t be paid if the government is shutdown.

In January, Congress should get serious and pass a long-term, bipartisan deal. That’s overdue. Doing so would mean government agencies and the federal workforce has the assurances needed to make long-term plans, which saves taxpayer money, allows the military to maintain readiness, and prevents Americans from having the government services on which they rely held hostage by partisan politics.