January 03, 2019

Kilmer Statement on House Funding Bills

Washington, DC – Representative Derek Kilmer (D-WA) released the following statement after the House passed legislation that could end the government shutdown and reopen the government:

“It is time for an end to this government shutdown. Shutting down the government is bad for taxpayers, for the economy and for federal workers.

“Federal workers aren’t Democrats or Republicans when they’re at work. Federal employees should not be treated as pawns in political negotiations. Federal employees should not be worried about when they are getting their next paycheck to make their mortgage payment, or their car payment, or their kids' college payment. They are public servants that prep timber sales in federal forests, welcome visitors to national parks, ensure citizens can get the services they need, and keep us safe.

“The bills passed by the House tonight can reopen the government. That’s the right thing to do—not only for our federal employees, but also for our country, our citizens, and our economy. The action taken today funds  government agencies currently experiencing a lapse in funding through September 30, 2019 – except for the Department of Homeland Security – with the bipartisan levels that passed the Senate previously with overwhelming bipartisan support. And for the Department of Homeland Security, it gives Congressional leaders and the President a month to work towards a bipartisan solution to fund vital services to keep Americans safe. The Senate should take up these bills and put an end to this shutdown.”