May 14, 2021

Kilmer Statement on the Violence in Israel

Washington, DC - U.S. Representative Derek Kilmer issued the following statment on the recent violence in Israel:

"The loss of civilian life in recent days, both Israeli and Palestinian, is extremely troubling. 

Let’s be clear: Hamas is a terrorist organization that has fired over 1750 rockets indiscriminately attacking Israeli civilians. Israel has a right to defend its people from these terrorist attacks. 

The international community (and nearly every member of Congress - myself included) has already condemned Hamas for using human shields and firing rockets from sites near schools and hospitals.  These acts of terrorism must end.

Separately, the dynamic in Jerusalem is concerning - both because of the lives that have been impacted, and because the increased instability seems to move us further away from a peace that has been far too elusive for far too long. 

I support the Biden Administration’s efforts to engage our allies and regional partners in hopes of securing a cease fire and protecting the lives of Israeli and Palestinian civilians. 

In the end, I believe a lasting peace depends on reducing extremism and pursuing a negotiation that enables a two-state solution - where all people can live with security and dignity."