Bill # Bill Description Updated
H.R.7738 Cosponsored  — Security Clearance Portability for Departing Servicemembers Act of 2022
H.R.7693 Cosponsored  — National Park Foundation Reauthorization Act of 2022
H.R.7644 Cosponsored  — Pride in Mental Health Act
H.R.7660 Cosponsored  — RAISE Act of 2022
H.R.7619 Cosponsored  — SUNLIGHT Act of 2022
H.R.7577 Cosponsored  — CDC Tribal Public Health Security and Preparedness Act
H.R.7477 Cosponsored  — CERTS Tax Exemption Act
H.R.7455 Cosponsored  — IHS Contract Support Cost Amendment Act
H.R.7465 Cosponsored  — PSLF Payment Completion Fairness Act
H.R.7382 Cosponsored  — Supply Chain Disruptions Relief Act
H.R.7331 Sponsored  — Improving Government for America's Taxpayers Act
H.R.7236 Cosponsored  — Strengthen Kids’ Mental Health Now Act of 2022
H.R.7161 Sponsored  — To amend the National and Community Service Act of 1990 to establish service programs dedicated to digital equity, and for other purposes.
H.R.7116 Cosponsored  — 9–8–8 Implementation Act of 2022
H.R.7105 Cosponsored  — STOP Act
H.R.7075 Cosponsored  — Ukrainian Independence Park Act of 2022
H.R.7062 Cosponsored  — To direct the Joint Committee on the Library to obtain a statue of Harriet Tubman and to place the statue in National Statuary Hall in the United States Capitol.
H.R.7018 Cosponsored  — Green Postal Service Fleet Act of 2022
H.R.7019 Cosponsored  — Rural Prosperity Act of 2022
H.R.6998 Cosponsored  — To amend title 18, United States Code, to provide that it is unlawful to knowingly distribute private intimate visual depictions with reckless disregard for the individual's lack of consent to the distribution, and for other purposes.
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